Attractive Companies

Before deciding to go public, it’s essential that you know exactly what type of companies are generally attractive to shareholders and investors

Is your company ready for IPO?

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  • Are the systems, processes documented, and the corporate governance in place?
  • Can your company produce accurate and timely financials that are able to be cleared by a reasonable­-sized auditor?
  • Does your company have the correct historical data and is presented in the appropriate financial standards?
  • Is your company’s legal documentation complete and proper?
  • Is your management team’s profile appropriate to manage the company in a listed environment?
  • Have you identified and mitigated all your business, financial and legal risks?

Key steps for a successful IPO

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  • Have a solid 3 to 5 year expansion plan prepared, addressing the business, financial and legal issues to achieve the forecasts.
  • Continue to build market presence.
  • Structuring a competent Board of Directors.
  • Ensure all documentation are in place to clear the financial and legal due diligence.
  • Have a competent IPO committee who can address issues raised by the auditor, legal, stock exchange, security commissions, bankers, underwriters and any other interested parties.